Data vendors typically operate by reselling pre-collected data to multiple clients, striving to maximize their fees based on each client's financial capacity. They usually offer minimal additional services, leaving the burden of integration entirely to the client. Consequently, clients are compelled to establish internal entity resolution processes to align the vendor's data with their internal data repository, taking full responsibility for unmatched entities. Specifically for EU taxonomy compliance, clients must also independently filter and identify unmatched entities subject to NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive), which further prolongs the integration timeline and consumes company resources, resulting in headaches for company executives.

Vendors typically do not offer assistance, and integration costs tend to be substantial, with the more critical issue being the prolonged duration, spanning months rather than days or weeks. This delay causes financial institutions to miss regulatory deadlines, leading to pushbacks from auditors and regulators.Do not settle for such service, ensure compliance without hassle.

The most reputable institutions, which prioritize efficiency and aim to eliminate regulatory risks entirely, opt for hassle-free services. In this approach, they simply provide the list of their counterparties to the vendor and receive all necessary compliance data in their preferred format on a monthly or quarterly basis. This service has received validation from major European and global banks, garneringsignificant traction.

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