ComplyTaxonomy.EU stands as the sole solution, offering financial institutions everything they need for seamless EU Taxonomy compliance, both now and in the impending years as the industry braces for increased sustainability disclosures by 2025.

We facilitate every stage of our clients' business processes, spanning integration, entity resolution, NFRD filtering, and providing support with assurance and quality controls during audits. Our core data collection product extends to non-public entities, a crucial feature as non-public companies in Europe initiate their EU Taxonomy disclosures in 2025. Unlike existing public ESG data providers we can cater to this emerging need for data on private companies.

Simplify your journey to EU Taxonomy compliance effortlessly with our unparalleled sophistication and comprehensive coverage.

ComplyTaxonomy.EU Other vendors
Pre-collected data on big public companies
Full portfolio coverage / NFRD filtering
Entity resolution & group structure analysis
Data feed as per client template
Exact source for each datapoint
Data normalisation
Data update speed 1-7 days 3 months
Price €€* €€€

* The costs depend on the scope of service and client's portfolio size.