The way it should be – receive data in your preferred format. Integrating third-party data feeds is always a challenging task, especially for large organizations. Beyond the technical hurdles that involve engaging internal tech resources, clients often find themselves grappling with the complex task of interpreting provided data and aligning it with their internal data formats. This process is far from easy and sometimes, it can hardly be fully accomplished.

The high integration costs associated with these challenges naturally lead to substantial switching costs between vendors. Unfortunately, vendors tend to exploit this situation, resulting in clients receiving lower data quality, slower delivery speeds, and an overall decrease in service quality.

However, this is not the way forward for smart financial institutions when it comes to data procurement.

With ComplyTaxonomy.EU, you can request and receive data in accordance with your own templates and your business's specific requirements. This allows your team to stay focused on their core tasks. What's more, we ensure seamless integration into your existing data lake at no extra cost and with swift efficiency, preventing your company from missing critical regulatory reporting deadlines.

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